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159 Sportwagon Parking Sensors and Cambelt

Hi Joy & Roger,

I thought that I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my recent cam belt change, service and parking sensor resolve.

Having recently bought my 159 Sportwagon 1.9 JTDm I contacted Joy and Roger to sort out a couple of niggles left by the previous owner, my experience from first contact with Joy was excellent.

The Sportwagon was booked in and Roger changed the cam belt for peace of mind (73K), serviced the wagon removing the, replace engine oil warning light indicator and subsequently established that a broken wire had caused the parking sensor control unit to short.

The wire was repaired and the Parking Sensor Control Unit replaced removing the orange light on the dash most importantly reinstating the audible bleep.

Everything was explained clearly and the repairs done in a timely manner for a fair price, the Wagon now runs as smooth as silk.

The Team at Peak Alfa’s enthusiasm to the brand is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any Italian car owner.

Thanks once again,

Russ Hobson (12/02/2014 11:47:47)

147 mapping success

Hi Roger & Joy,

I just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the recent upgrades you made to my 147JTDm Ti.

The remap has produced a very lively performance in terms of acceleration through all the gears with instant response to throttle movement, and not at the expense of fuel consumption.

I have just covered a 700 mile round trip from Derbyshire into west Wales, down to south Wales and return via motorway returning 58mpg overall. The driving was on mixed A-roads, very hilly in places, maintaining a respectable pace without going mad.

The Q2 is very impressive offering tremendous traction with a lack of tyre scrabble and squeal when pulling away smartly from junctions and hairpin bends. This combined with the remap has produced what might be called a pocket rocket!!

Thanks once again and please feel free to use this as a testimonial from a happy customer. Thoroughly recommended.

Best regards

Roger Peckham

Roger Peckham (11/02/2014 01:20:20)

Servicing and advisory notes

Hi Roger,

You did a superb job of servicing my Alfa on the 7th November & very kindly provided me with a list of things that need doing.

Could you please give me an idea of the cost of having the following work done;

Hand brake cables
Front rollbar drop link

Also, the Advisory note shows play in lower front wishbone ball joints & rear rollbar droplinks. Could you also give me an indication of how much it would cost to have these sorted as well.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Scott Whitmore

Scott Whitmore (12/04/2013 14:26:39)

GT Clutch etc.

“Absolutely amazing! Both Joy and Roger helped me understand the issues with my Alfa. They were both very professional and informative, the clearly know there stuff! The pricing was extremely competitive and was actually cheaper than anywhere else. The overall results were astonishing and I would certainly recommend Peak Alfa to anyone! I won’t be going anywhere else. Thanks again.” – Matt Abrams, Sheffield

Matt Abrams (22/01/2013 12:38:49)

Remapping 2.4 JTDm

Two weeks ago I had the DPF removed and engine remapped at Peak Alfa. the DPF was 77% clogged up and resulted in lots of annoying lumpy/jerky driving.

I have a 07 200bhp model 2.4 which was fitted from new with a Steinbauer P-Box, giving around 240bhp. Power delivery before visiting Peak Alfa was a delay then boom as it all came at once, accompanied when flooring the throttle by a very un-pc cloud of black smoke. Not very friendly to other drivers.

Now the engine is completely transformed; although power is about the same as before ( around 240bhp) the power delivery is much smoother and linear through the rev range; before there was a delay then the power came in a big lump, now the power comes faster and smoother, which makes a big difference on twisty roads.

I was averaging about 36mpg before remap now I am averaging at least 45mpg.

Thanks again to Roger at Peak Alfa for transforming my car.

(21/01/2013 15:31:53)

2 weeks after the Turbo Remap

Have used the car a bit since you did the turbo and the remap, and I have to say the difference is really impressive.

The car seems smoother and definately picks up and revs more freely, acceleration is way better through 2,3,and 4th gears.

Have no real info. re. fuel economy yet as i've not done enough motorway milage compared to town and b-road stuff will let you know though, at the moment my gut feeling is it's better to the tune of about 5mpg, we'll see.

The only slight problem is if you floor it too eagerly in 5th or 6th when going too slow it doesn't bog down any more just slips the clutch a bit before gripping again, it's not a major issue and you have to try to get it to do it so i'll live with that for the time being but a new clutch is definately on the list for next year... Which i guess means a new DMF as well.

I guess the torque available is just too much - Out of interest what does the remapper think the gain in performance usually is for this mod?

Dr. Andrew Pryke (13/09/2012 11:07:42)

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